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Dr. Toy 100 Best Products Award"The toys and products selected meet my [Stevanne Auerbach, PhD/Dr. Toy™] high standards for design, durability, price, quality, safety, and value. Let’s not forget that “play is children’s work” and should be respected and understood by all adults. We should be thinking: “What products or “tools for play” can we obtain to provide wholesome experiences for children and provide plenty of positive play interactions."

Savor the Days (click here for pictures & review)"As he [Nicholas] was working on it, Daddy came over and watched. Next thing I know, Daddy sat down and started working on the project with Nicholas. I was just expecting this to be a fun activity for Nicholas. However, Stuart and I both ended up working on it with him and it turned into a great family activity."

Muses of Megret"For any child who likes to put their own personal touch on their gift giving, there’s a gift wrap company that let them do just that: My Wrap!"

Lady & the Blog (click here for pictures & review)"I know my parents just LOVE handmade gifts from the kids…why not wrap that gift in handmade paper? It will make the present extra special!"

Check it Out! by Dawn (click here for photos and review)"These are wonderfully imaginative craft kits that allow kids to create their own gift wrap. The kids were so excited to see the Christmas themed kit and wasted no time in getting busy coloring and stickering their creations. Even my oldest got into it and it really fostered the idea of giving as he was motivated to handcraft some of his own gifts to then wrap with his handmade wrapping paper."

Northwest Jersey Macaroni (click here for review)"Why not put their [your kids] awesome talent to use when sending to gifts to friends and loved ones? Your kids and the receiver of the gift will love seeing the time and effort of a handmade creation with their gift!"

Elementary School Teacher & Vice Principal"I am always looking for products that stimulate kids' creativity and thinking skills. With My Wrap®, kids think both 'inside and outside of the box' to create personalized gift wrap."

Mother of 11 Year Old Girl"I don't know what her grandmother will love more -- what's in the box or my daughter's completed My Wrap® gift wrap outside the box. My Wrap® is truly a Gift in Itself!"

Mother of 2 Boys and a Girl"...I thought it was a cute idea. After having a chance to try them out though, I am even more pleased then I thought I would be...All 3 of them enjoyed the project and found a sheet that they liked. With boys ages 7 and 9 and a 4 year old princess, it is hard to purchase something they all enjoy, so this was a BIG plus..."

Check it Out! by Dawn  (click here for photos and review)"Gift recipients feel that the My Wrap® masterpiece wrapped around their present is truly a treasured 'Gift in Itself!'"

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