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About Us!

My Wrap® is Fundamentally Kids® LLC's new-to-the-world, made in USA product line of kids craft kits. It allows kids to have smart fun while making unique wrapping paper that becomes personalized gift wrap for special people in their lives (e.g., parents, grandparents and other relatives, friends, teachers, coaches, etc.).  Fundamentally Kids® LLC is an entrepreneurial company dedicated to designing and developing innovative, high-quality kids' products that provide opportunities for positive play as a family activity or by kids independently.  We supply the inspiration and the tools, kids supply the spark and the talent.  My Wrap® kids craft kits not only jump-start creative fun so that kids are happy, but they also challenge their development so that parents are happy, too. We focus on the fundamentals: hands-on activities that are smart, creative fun.  Kids love My Wrap® craft kits because they are fun and creative; adults love them because they are convenient and functional!  Adults also appreciate that My Wrap® helps build self esteem and character/values.  Our company founders are experienced business people and parents of young children, and therefore, understand the needs of both kids and adults.

My Wrap® provides adults with convenient and easy opportunities to make positive-play family time a priority that can naturally evolve into family traditions (e.g., birthday traditions, Christmas traditions, etc.).  Join your kids as they explore a creative, fun activitiy and take advantage of teaching and character-building moments along the way.  If you can't join them in the fun, then applaud their results.  You'll do wonders for your kids' self-esteem! 

Fundamentally Kids

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